READ TO KIDS US is a community, whose vision is to encourage parents and grandparents to read to children 15 minutes a day.

Read to Kids US was accredited as a 501(c)3 charitable organization on October 15, 2021.

Arry's Mission
Read to Kids US is now an accredited 501(c)3 charitable organization! Read about it Here!


Arry is a red, miniature poodle, who lives in Arizona. He wants to share his adventures and those of his friends with children 3-6 years old. You can help him by reading to a child 15 minutes a day.

Why We're Here

The pandemic has challenged us all, but particularly families. But it has provided some new opportunities too.  We hope this site can help strengthen family ties. We encourage parents to get into the habit of reading to their children 3-6 years old every day. This educates, improves literacy, reduces stress and strengthens bonds. It works for grandparents, too. If they have been separated, they can use Kindle and new modes of communication like Zoom to make the connections. Stay safe, but stay in touch. You can even exchange ideas with others in the fan club on Instagram.


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