Caren’s three favorite words are "Read It Again!"


Caren Cantrell’s three favorite words are:

“Read it again!”

CAREN CANTRELL is a children’s book author who writes stories about characters who capture her heart. They might have a too short flipper or curly whiskers. Or they might just be curious about the world around them. She also has a non-fiction series on Kindle, written under the pen name Matthew Taylor, called Planet Discovery Books for Kids. These books are filled with fun facts and photos about the world around us. Caren has published eight books. She lives in Cave Creek, AZ, with her husband, Bill, and little dog, Daisy, but travels frequently to visit her five children and ten grandchildren. 


Arry says:  My friend Caren will be at:

PLACE: Arrowhead Mall
(inside storefront is centrally located where Forever 21 was; near Macy’s)
DATES: November 26 through December 12
TIME: Monday thru Saturday: 10am – 9pm,
Sunday: 11am – 6pm

Contact her to see what days/times she will be there!

A Sample of Caren's Books

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The Sweet Dream Fairy

Violet, the Sweet Dream Fairy, protects the sleeping children from nightmares and monsters by sprinkling her magic dust. But Griffin the Goblin has other plans. He captures Violet, steals her dust, and starts scaring the children. Violet knows she has to escape and fast, but how? She’ll need some real fairy magic if she wants to get her dust back and save the children.

Sea of Surprises

It's Vienna's birthday, and her Mer-gran promised her a big  surprise! When Mr. Pelican delivers the package, instead of a present, there's a clue that sends Vienna and her best friend Chloe on a treasure hunt. Solving the clues is fun, but a wrong guess could be dangerous. The girls are determined to find the treasure, and when they do . . SURPRISE!

Ranger Henry

Henry dreams of becoming an Arizona Ranger. When his playmates’ toys go missing, Henry hops on his hobby horse to track down the stealing varmint. But being a Ranger isn’t easy. After falsely accusing several suspects, Henry doubts he’s Ranger material until a flock of chickens gives him an idea. He’ll need all his powers of observation and creativity to retrieve the children’s toys and regain faith in himself. 

Wren's Whiskers

Wren wants more than anything to be a cheerleader like her best friend Lilah. But Maggie, the team captain, doesn’t want a curly-whiskered, clumsy mouse on the squad. Wren tries everything to straighten them. Boing! Boing! Boing! When Maggie misses a jump during practice for the cheer championship, the team discovers curly whiskers are exactly what they need. Wren's Whiskers shows children that it's okay and often desirable to be different. Wren is determined and never gives up on her dream. Although she is misdirected at the beginning, by the end she learns to embrace her whiskers and stand in her power.


Saturday Safari

Today is Saturday, and that means Safari! Elliott has waited all week for this adventure. He jumps out of bed, throws on his safari gear, and grabs his camera. Maybe today he'll see an animal he's never seen before like a crocodile or a rhinoceros. If he does, he'll have to be quick to snap a picture and add it to his prized collection.

Would you like to come on Safari with Elliott? Yes? Great! Grab your safari gear and don't forget the sunscreen. But let me warn you, Elliott has a crazy, wild imagination. What he sees isn't always what it appears to be.